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We know we stand alone when it comes to hemp Cannagars. Not only are we the first Cannagar retailer in the UK, but we feel that our manufacturing standards, care and quality separate us from the rest of the pack. Once your customers try a Lobo blunt then there is no looking back: they will expect the very, very best. We roll the best!

We are about to launch in the UK currently now accepting applications for retailers. If you’d like to show interest for being one of our retailers then please fill out the form below. As our Cannagars are hand rolled and fresh, will use this to plan our stock levels and ensure we do not cut corners in quality. 

Viva La Mota

Join the pack... 🐺

The hemp industry 🌱  is growing at an exponential rate, and there is still a lot of growing to do. Hemp and smokable cannabis flowers is the future of the hemp market and we are leading the charge for the connoisseur 👑 . 

We know that there are millions of people in the UK who are looking for better experiences with cannabis, and we are dedicated to ensuring this happens. It is our mission to bring USA cannabis class, quality and expertise to the UK, while maintaining our close connection to the UK cannabis community. 

We know that we lead the pack in the cannabis revolution and we’d love you to be part of the journey. If you see a place for our products in your shop, on your website or for your fans then please get in touch. Scroll down the page to express your interest for the next round of Cannagar wholesalers. 

In the meantime, have a look at what we think makes us special. 

The Hemp

It comes as no surprise that the most important aspect of a fantastic blunt is the hemp itself. Our hemp is grown in the USA (California) and cultivated by hand, using completely organic & chemical free methods. 

We cultivate our hemp indoors to ensure that we have ultimate control of the quality. Our experts can adjust the lighting, climate and keep a close eye on potential contaminations. 

The result is a bud with higher cannabinoid concentration, more flavourful terpenes, and ultimately a much smoother smoke

USA Grown * Indoor Cultivation * Organic & Pesticide Free 

The Production

Lobo was born out of the need for a blunt you would be proud to share with your friends. It is the ultimate expression of appreciation for those closest to you. 

We have taken this mentality into our production, and have ensured that care and attention to detail is paramount . This means that we make our Cannagars and blunts by hand in our facility in the USA. Our team of expert connaisseurs have the experience of millions of joints and they are able to keep quality at a consistently high level, and identify any issues with the product immediately. 

The same dedication we have for the quality of our products will extend to your customers.

Wraped & Packed by hand * quality control *made with real care

Check out our youtube vlog about our launch in Arizona. This is the Lobo way. 

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