CBG is the ‘mother’ of all Cannabinoids. Yes, very dramatic. But also very true.

How many cannabinoids do you think there are? 120? More? Some are still hiding and yet to be discovered. Well, they all came from one place. CBG – Cannabigerol.

We’ll try not to be all scientific and boring here, we will just cover the basics, show you the beauty of this ‘one-stop shop’ cannabinoid and why it is worth the time to read this article. Sound like a plan?

Right, let’s get into it


What is CBG?

Much like CBD, CBG is a phytocannabinoid that can be found in the Cannabis plant; and like CBD, it is non-psychoactive.

CBG has been referred to as a ‘minor’ cannabinoid as, when it was first discovered, it only made up a tiny amount of the whole plant’s cannabinoid make-up; THC and CBD are by far the two most prominent cannabinoids. What makes CBG interesting is the fact that it is the precursor for all other cannabinoid compounds we know and love.

When the plant produces a cannabinoid, it produces CBGa (the raw acid version of CBG) which is naturally broken down into different compounds by a mixture of processes including Synthesis and Decarboxylation. This process happens almost immediately when the plant is exposed to heat, ultra-violet light (the glorious sun) and as the plant ages.

CBGa = THCa & CBDa. 


So, if CBGa is almost immediately turned into other cannabinoids, it must be really difficult to produce, isolate and use CBG? Very.

In recent years, however, the work on Cannabis genetics has entered a new era of space-age. A plant can be produced to naturally grow an abundance of CBG which can be isolated into crystals and infuse almost anything.

But why would we bother going to all the effort…?


Benefits of CBG

CBG is something different. In our body, it does something similar to CBD and THC. As you may expect, CBG is processed and used by the Endocannabinoid System, which is made up of CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 takes the reigns on the nervous system and the brain while CB2 receptors are in most other essential parts of the body including the immune system.

Some cannabinoids are picky and choose one receptor or the other (THC loves a good CB1 session), but CBG likes to spend time with both. It is thought to strengthen the function of anandamide (a neurotransmitter) and support the body in its fight to create a perfect internal balance; homeostasis.

What the benefits actually are is hard to say, and for legal reasons, we’re encouraged not to share that information. But with the right taps of a keyboard, you’re not too far away.

The major benefit of CBG for us, is that like CBD, it is non-psychoactive. It means that if you love the taste of cannabis, the effects of cannabis but not the side effects that THC bring to the table, smoking a blunt infused with CBG is a great alternative. It gives you options if you want to achieve something during the day.

We would suggest that a CBG joint is best smoked in the early afternoon. The reasons will become clear when you get there!

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