The Thai Stick has seen a meteoric reemergence since the late 2010’s. Coincidently, since the beginning of cannabis legalisation in the USA, the growing number of producers has also become unfollowable.

Simply because lots of people are asking, we thought we’d take the time to dedicate a blog post to this topic and help explain where a Thai Stick comes from, what is it and how to smoke it. We have years of experience with Cannagars so there wasn’t much research needed.

Short answer: A ‘Thai stick’ simply refers to a cannabis product that was discovered by US servicemen in Thailand during the 1970’s. The native Thai strain of cannabis would be bound with bamboo sticks or hemp leaves, and some report they were also dipped in opium (space-age ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿฝโ€๐Ÿš€ stuff).ย 

The modern understanding is more complex and are several versions that use different strains, techniques and can include hemp wrapped Cannagars (like this one).


The History of the Thai Stick

It is already clear that the 1970’s was a very interesting time. Even more interesting if you were a US serviceman stationed in Thailand.

During/After the Vietnam war, soldiers stationed in Thailand quickly developed the flavour for a local delicacy: a cannabis strain (now known as Thai) which was bound into a joint as big as it was potent. These huge joints were produced using either bamboo sticks or hemp stalks and (not 100% confirmed) dipped into Opium. Other sources suggest the extreme potency is more likely to have come from hash oil which was used to bind everything together. Could have been both. People are mental.

Completely reliant on where you look, some suggest they were bound in string or small bamboo shoots. Once the stick was removed it would leave a tunnel which is essential for the flow of air.

It was likely that the potency of the Thai Stick is what attracted the bored and traumatised servicemen. They became such a cult hit that the Thai Stick was the subject of one of the most complicated, and successful, smuggling campaigns in cannabis.

The legacy of the Thai Stick in the USA was started by surfers ( why? because CHARLIE DON’T SURF) widely referred to as the ‘draft dodgers’. They set about smuggling Thai Sticks from Northern Thailand, back to the United States where they were obviously enjoyed plenty. It’s very likely that the Thai Stick was the most potent cannabis anybody in the US had tried before.

The rest, as they say, is history.


Modern Thai Sticks

A lot has changed since the 1970’s. Cannabis was pushed even further underground during the ‘war on drugs’ was revived in California/Europe and is now well on the way to global legalisation. The science behind genetics, cultivation, extraction, wrapping and smoking have exponentially become more complex, more quickly.

The modern Thai Stick is almost something completely different. While the style may have been retained, the history has faded into memory and the lines of ‘what is a Thai Stick’ have blurred significantly.

Some producers still claim to use traditional Thai techniques to produce their products, however, it seems there are few similarities between what is produced today, and what was originally sending surfers into the atmosphere.

What we consider a ‘Thai Stick’ is a Cannagar that is patiently cured, set rock hard in waxy cannabis extract, wrapped in hemp leaves and offers that extreme potency which made the Thai notable in the first place. Whether you’re enjoying a wonderfully orange-y Tangie or a super sour white – if it is bound in hemp and as fire as fire, then it is a Thai Stick.

We also recognise the use of string when binding the Cannagars. The winding string is most commonly removed but some people leave it on. It’s more likely that you remove it.


How to Make One

There are plenty of ways to make a Cannagar but this one may require a few steps, lots of patience, even more self-control and a long afternoon doing nothing.

We have a blog post all about how to make a Cannagar already which explains the process of packing, curing, and wrapping a Cannagar. If you are wanting to make your own Thai Stick at home, we feel it would be a smart move to use the stickiest bud you can with a bucket of sticky extract. Potency=perfect.



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