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Like a really nice bottle of wine. You’ve got to know the history, the grapes, the origin, the notes flavours and nuances so you know what to pair it with.

Cannabis is the same. It doesn’t take much explaining to understand why a pure Sativa isn’t paired well with a quiet night in before bed. Insomnia isn’t worth the price of the lucky dip.

So today, we are talking about one of our favourites: The Tangie Marijuana Strain. 



It comes as no surprise that the Tangie strain’s origin is blurry. Like all of the greats, it comes from a spiders-web of cross-breeding and experimentation. What we know for sure is that the Tangie strain is a cross between an unknown skunk strain and California Orange; itself a 50% hybrid which came to prevalence in the 1980’s when these sorts of things were tested more than the method written down.

These days, the strain finds its home on the warm and breezy coast of the West; California, Arizona and Colorado. The green (gold) standard of cannabis cultivation of the USA.

Tangie finds itself as a dominant Sativa hybrid (70%/30%) with a really nice balance of effects which are the legs that won the strain 10 Cannabis Cup pries within 10 months. While not the most potent of strains, some examples have been tested with up to 25% THC levels and low in CBD (although that is not currently relevant in the UK).

Let’s start with the important bit for us: the flavour. The prominent terpene is Myrcene, an earthy, floral herby terpene with a chilling effect. The secondary terpenes are Pinene (piney and calm, yet uplifting) and Caryophyllene (peppery and energising).

Upon reading the terpenes, you wouldn’t expect the flavours of Tangie to be so fruity and delicious. The strain is known for paying homage to Tangerine Dream, which itself is packed with notes of Orange Peel, sweet citrus and a peppery kick. Tangie is not too dissimilar- the bright citrusy notes of Orange, Lemon and Grape shine through the herby, peppery notes which give the sharpness a the ideal savoury base.

So, what should you expect from the Tangie strain? Something special. The Sativa heavy gene pool inspires a bright, uplifting cerebral bounce which is accompanied by euphoria, glee and the clearing of distraction. At least once the rush has settled you will expect a clear focus which is ideal for being creative or bashing through chores (especially clearing out the fridge – if you know what we mean).

The strength of the strain is ideal for a Jedi or Master – if you’re new to cannabis then take it easy!

The effects of a CBD Tangie product will differ completely, however, the terpene profile will still have a bright euphoric hit (without the negative side effects).

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