Welcome! This is another post as part of our strain profile pages – so that you can read everything you need to know about any strain before trying it yourself.

Like a really nice bottle of wine. You’ve got to know the history, the grapes, the origin, the notes flavours and nuances so you know what to pair it with.

Cannabis is the same. It doesn’t take much explaining to understand why a pure Sativa isn’t paired well with a quiet night in before bed. Insomnia isn’t worth the price of the lucky dip.

This one – we really love: the Colourful (by name) Rainbow Belts Cannabis Strain. It is not a strain we are likely to include in our range of Cannagars, or pre-rolls, but it is a strain we love and would be delighted to include it one day.

Thankfully, we know so much more about the origin of the Rainbow belts strain. It has not yet ascended to ‘legend’ status, but the strain is a clear cut ‘cult classic’. The underground cannabis scene has fallen head over heels for Rainbow Belts.

The strain comes from a cross of Zkittlez and Moonbow 75 (a beautiful cross of Zkittlez and Do-Si-Does – two super ‘ledgend’ strains). Props to the people at Archive Seed Bank for this one. There is no real locational origin for Rainbow Belts but it pops up everywhere – even the UK.

The Rainbow Belts Strain is a nice 75%/25% Indica hybrid with a beautiful balance of effects that would be the toast of any laid back Saturday night around a campfire. With a tested THC level of 20%, it is wise to toke slowly and take regular breaks. We’d rather ruin the fun before you ruin it for yourself 😂.

Let’s get into flavour: the prominent terpene here is Linalool (claiming and soothing), a sweet and floral flavour profile, which is balanced out by the presence of Caryophyllene (energising and peppery) which explains the slight gassy notes of OG.

We often take for granted the moment of opening a huge bag of the terpy-est strain on earth. The kind that fills the room with a magical funk. Rainbow Belts is one of those wonders of the world. It starts with a fruit salad of strawberries, grapefruits, blackberries and burst blueberries. Once you break the buds up or grid them, that is when the OG gas ebbs forward.

Any Rainbow Belts blunt will be fruity and savoury with a complex of twisting smoke of bittersweet flavours. Without a doubt – it is as delicious, if not more delicious, than Zkittlez.

Just as the appreciation for the flavours is passing the Rainbow Belts strain has a surprise; a rush of calm euphoria that blows your troubles into space. They evaporate in a burst of colour and appreciation for the world around you. Colours seem brighter and your body tensions melt into inconsequence.

The strength of the stain shouldn’t be underestimated as too much of this flavourful strain will surely result in couch lock. The heady elements will still remain, but a hazy, subdued body will keep that in check.

This strain would be wonderful for some light, easy chores around the house, or sitting comfortably outside with a warm fire and friends. Friends to share your blunt with.

We have yet to come access a CBD Rainbow Belts in our adventures but there will surely be something out there. If we can, we will make sure we pack some bunts with this strain for you.

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