Hello and we’re happy to have you. This is another post as part of our strain profile pages – so that you can read everything you need to know about any strain before trying it yourself.

Like a really nice bottle of wine. You’ve got to know the history, the grapes, the origin, the notes flavours and nuances so you know what to pair it with.


Today we’re going to be writing about a strain that has taken the UK by storm: Stardawg (Purple Stardawg in the UK). The strain is one of the more recent editions to the long linage of ‘Dawg’ strains. The effects, smell, flavours and cult following has ensured that Stardawg is on the growing list ‘the best strains in history’. At least in our humble opinion.
The people responsible for Stardawg are Top Dawg Seeds in the Bay Area of California. The dawg was born from a union of Chem Dawg 4 and Tres Dawg; themselves unbelievably great strains to smoke. Back in the 90’s, Stardawg took to the show and made a name for itself in the USA, but has only recently become as popular in the UK. We here often see Stardawg with a nice purple colouring which is from the cold winter weather here: not at all like California.
The Purple Stardawg still has the classic bright shiny trichomes and sour, chemical flavours and effects that you should come to expect.
Let’s talk about flavour: funky, sour, dank, complex, spicy, citrusy. All of these things, at once, and never at the same time. When you think you have a grasp on the elements of funk you lose them – and we have to admit that the strain is not to everybody’s palette, but it is a very thick pungent flavour that many smokers love. There is a peppery, chemical element that gives the strain a very complex and enjoyable flavour. The predominant flavours are peppery and funky with a sour citrus finish.
Stardawg terpenes are being used in all kinds of vapes now, but we much prefer the Stardawg flavours in a big thick blunt. Go hard or go home!
This is a Sativa with a surprisingly relaxing high. For most the strain gives them an energetic and euphoric high that gets them all chatty and social. Our ethos at Lobo is all about being with your pack, so smoking a Stardawg strain in a Lobo blunt is what we are all about. We just love a blunt with friends and sharing awesome times. It’s what we’re all about.
Purple Stardawg, although purple, is experienced in exactly the same way. The purple colouring is often assumed to give smokers a sleeper high as if the strain were an Indica, but this is not the case.

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