Wolfskins: 3 Blunt Tubes / Cannon Pre Rolls

You never need to roll your own blunt, ever again. Let the experts do it for you, us.

We know how painful it can be when your wrapping is crumby, burns unevenly or is never quite how you like it. So, we wanted to offer the perfect blunt tube finished with a reusable glass tip, ready to pack in your own herbs. Our wrap makes your favourite strain more flavourful and allows you to savour it just the way you like it.  Any flavour, any cannabinoid profile. You can be the master of your own Lobo experience!


Empty pre roll cannons. No need to roll.

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It takes time to hand-craft and import our Wolfskin Cannagar Shells 💨.  They produce the best blunts you could share with a friend. 

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Have you ever wasted your money on crumbly blunt wraps that split or burn unevenly? Or just find yourself making a mess every time you roll your own? Yeah, us too. At least in the beginning. 

We’re exited to provide the perfect blunt tube, finished with a reusable glass tip, ready to pack in your own herbs 🌱. Any flavour, any cannabinoid profile 🙃. Put down your current pre roll Cannon and experience the raw, robust, smooth skin of the wolf. These Cannagar Shells allow you to enjoy the full slow burn blunt experience while tailoring your experience to suit your tastes, perfectly.

Our pack of Wolfskins 🐺  contain three premium hemp paper Cannagar Shells which have been infused with the classic ‘Russian Cream’ flavouring from natural terpenes. This gives your blunt the undertones of creamy sweetness which will highlight even the most complex of terpene profile. Each shell can hold between 2-3 grams. 

  • Cannagar Shell – Pre Roll Cannon (holds est. 2-3 grams). 
  • Russian Cream terpene infused
  • All natural hemp paper
  • No tobacco or nicotine
  • Easy to use
  • Resealable glass tip. 


First off – you need to ensure that you’re using hemp of extremely high quality. Grind in well and ensure that there are no branches, or large bunches. Slowly pack in your herbs using a short stick and be careful not to break the paper seal by pushing too firmly. If you wish to add a concentrate (crumble or distilate).

Fill to the end and store until ready to smoke. 

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