The Lobo Baller Box

Our famous Lobo Baller Box is the perfect gift, or centrepiece for a celebration, or a luxury Saturday night in. This leather and ceader humifier and carry box contains the whole flight of products that we do. From the classic Presidente cigar to the platinum gold-leaf encrusted cannagar.

It takes time to hand-craft and import our Cannagars & Blunts, and our Lobo Baller Box has been in extremely high demand after being featured in Forbes. So, we need some time to curate our boxes.

We currently have a waiting list for the next 50 Baller Boxes – join to get your chance.


The One and Only Lobo Baller Box.

Coming Soon 🎉 ! 

It takes time to hand-craft and import our Lobo Baller Boxes 🤑 and they are in extreme demand since being featured on forbes. We will only have a handful of these baddies when we launch🚀. 

We currently have a waiting list for when we go live 🐺 .

The Lobo Baller Box 🤑  is famous. It contains the full flight of Lobo products in one, impressively presented, place. Our Baller Box is ideal for a special gift (for yourself or somebody you love 💕 ) or for share with your pack at a celebration. This is the Ultimate Lobo Cannagar selection and should impress even the most particular of cannabis connoisseur.

The Cannagars are encased in our branded leather and ceader humidor. Inside, you can find our UK exclusive range and configuration of products. We are in the process of curating our Baller Boxes so keep an eye on this space!

In the meantime, check out our baller box and Lobo products via Youtube.

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