We tend to refer to smokable cannabis roll-ups in different ways: from joints, blunts, spliffs and smokes. They all basically mean the same thing.

We are asked quite a lot whether a Cannagar is a blunt, and the simple answer to the question is yes. In the most simple terms: a blunt is a cigar that has been hollowed out and filled with cannabis. Another definition comes from the tobacco industry, where a blunt is described as smaller than a cigar but wider than a cigarillo. In the cannabis industry, a cigarillo containing cannabis is still a blunt. 

The term comes from the USA (Philadelphia) to be exactly where it is thought that the inexpensive cigar brand called ‘Phillies blunt’ was hollowed out and filled with cannabis. In any case, a cannabis roll up which uses a Cigar wrapping paper can be referred to as a blunt.

The Lobo range is slightly different, as some of our products have been designed to be in the style of, and offers a similar experience to, a cigar, but is made purely from Hemp and cannabis. The traditional wrapping for a cigar is produced with tobacco and therefore contains nicotine, most Cannagars use hemp paper which do not contain the same addictive chemicals. While you could call something like our Cannagar a blunt, the two are traditionally very different.

We feel the main difference between the two are the size and styles. A Cannagar is designed in a similar way to a cigar, where the flavour, experience and style are what is key here. You may consume cannabis in the way however, the whole point is the essence of connoisseurship and craftsmanship which has been put into the product. It is where care, and detail has been utilised to create something which offers a superior experience.

A blunt would be perfectly represented by our Bold & Presidente as they offer the slow burn, and robust feeling of a cigar, and the effects and flavour of premium cannabis (in our case, this is hemp).

So, there you have it. This question has been put to bed.

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