If you’re reading this then you’re one of our people. A blunt smoker is a different breed of astronaut.

It has taken us years to perfect our process of curating the best Cannagars on earth (or at least we like to think so), and because you’re one of us, we are going to share some of the trade secrets of how to make the perfect blunt or Cannagars.

After all, knowledge, like blunts, are for sharing. Whether you have a special grow that you wanted to turn into something extra special, or just want to show off with your friends, we can teach you to make something even your grandma will be proud of.


Some ground rules

Before we begin, we need to set some ground rules. If you skip this then your blunt with go from ‘the’ blunt to ‘a’ blunt real quick. 

  1. By a whole country mile and a long trek, the most important aspect of your blunt is the flower you use. The quality and type of flower that you use not only impacts the flavour and effects, but also allows the blunt to burn slowly and produce a smooth smoke. Think carefully about where you source your buds and make sure that when making a blunt, you pick to top draw.
  2. Secondly, it is the wrap, the care and the tiny details which enhance the experience exponentially. The wrap must be premium too – whether you choose cigar wrappings or a hemp paper wrap. We also think that a glass tip adds the little bit extra to any blunt; it increases the airflow, makes it easy to smoke and zero disgusting old half chewed blunt ends. 
  3. Finally – have patience. The process requires love and patience. Don’t rush, don’t smoke up too early and savour every second. The wait will make the heart grow fonder. 

How to make a Blunt Using Lobo Wolfskins. 

An end-to-end handmade Cannagar can be quite a tricky job, so we can begin with easy mode.

Before we get too much into detail, arguably the most difficult aspect of producing the perfect Cannagar is the wrap. It can be a fiddle and sometimes the wrapping comes loose and ruins the Cannagar completely. If you don’t pack it tight enough then the blunt will burn too fast. We came up with the smart idea to supply ready-made cannons which are the same tubes as we use for our Presidente Cannagar.

Our Wolfskins blunt cannons are made with premium hemp paper which has been washed in our classic ‘Russian Cream’ terpene flavouring and comes with a reusable glass tip. It adds a creamy, sweetness which brings out the flavours of the strain you pack into the tubes.

The beauty of making your own Cannagar is choosing a strain that you love. Whether you want something with a high level of cannabinoid potency, or you want a wonderful strain to savour over an hour or so.

The best strains are those that can be coarsely ground or sticky so that you can pack the flower is nice and tightly.

Place the flower at the end of the Turbo tube and use the end of a pencil/tool to pack in the flower tightly. It is important not to apply too much pressure and crush the flower out of the bottom of the tube, but just enough to tightly pack the flower so there are no gaps.

We recommend that you store the Cannagar for at least 24 hours before smoking it. The curation lets the flower settle and brings our the full flavours. 

How to Make Cannagars & Thai Sticks

If you have a lot of time on your hands, or a bunch of friends you really like, then making a full blown Cannagar (or Thai Stick) from scratch is for you. 
The first step is to get yourself a core mold and a bamboo stick. You can buy these online very easily.
To get started, you need to make your core. It is as easy as grinding your flower (sticky flower is best) and packing into the mold around the bamboo stick. If you feel like it, you can mix your flower with a cannabis extract. Make sure the buds are packed in nicely. 
Once you’re happy with the packing, leave the core in a cupboard for 2 or 3 days to rest and cure. Some places suggest that an hour will do, but if you’re going to do this, do it right!
Once the core has cured, it is time to wrap it. For a real classic Cannagar, you can use tobacco cigar wraps, hemp paper wrapping or dry cured hemp leaf (usually a Thai Stick uses hemp leaves). 
Cover the core in cannabis extract and slowly, and neatly, wrap the wrapping onto the code. Like an adult papier mâché. 
Once you’re happy with the wrapping, set the core aside again for another week to cure. 

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