If we are to be cheeky, we could answer this by saying: ‘As quick as you’d like to smoke it’!

Usually, the answer depends on the type and size of the Cannagar but normally they burn for between 30 minutes, and up to 2 hours. Most of the time, a Cannagar is not smoked all at once, and in separate sittings or it can be shared with friends. So, it is easy to see how one Cannagar can last one person a couple of hours, and a group of friends no time at all.

We like to say the experience is about savouring the flavour and enjoying the effects for a lot longer than you’d expect a typical joint to last. It is why we have taken extreme care in our production and curation to ensure as slow a burn as is possible.

We have a number of products which all differ in their burn times.


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The Wolfpack

Our hemp & CBD pre-rolls are the smallest blunts we produce, and they usually come in a pack of 7 (the famous Lobo Wolfpack). Each blunt contains 1.2 grams of coarsely ground indoor-grown hemp and is wrapped in premium hemp paper cones. We hand pack and roll each blunt to ensure they are always perfectly dense, and completely free of imperfections. Each pre-roll can burn for between 15 to 30 minutes.


The Presidente

The smallest Cannagar we produce is the famous Presidente Cannagar. Each hemp cigar contains 2 grams of premium indoor-grown hemp which has been hand packed into our premium hemp paper tubes. As with all of our products, the Cannagar is packed and wrapped by hand (with a glass tip) and double-checked to ensure the hemp has the perfect humidity and there are zero imperfections.

Each of our Presidente Cannagars has an average burn time of between 30 minutes to an hour and a half.


Hemp Leaf Cannagar

The biggest and greenest of Cannagars is our cured hemp leaf Cannagar. It is end-to-end hemp!

Each of our hemp Cannagars contains a huge core of 6 grams of coarsely ground USA grown hemp which can be clipped and relight. This is a huge Cannagar with an amazing unique powerful flavour and effects unlike any others of its kind. This is something to savour. We expect that each of our hemp leaf Cannagars last between 1 hour and 2 hours.

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