CBD Pre Rolls & Joints

So, you’re looking around to buy a CBD pre-roll joint🌱 . And you’ve been looking for what looks like the best? You’re a cannaisseur with a taste for a smooth, clean and potent CBD smoke with real flavourful terpenes? For premium indoor grown Californian hemp? Coarsely ground into the perfect joint by an expert craftsman?  

Well, you’ll be looking for the 👑  of all CBD re-rolls? The Lobo Wolfpack has just landed in the UK. 

Wolfpack of CBD Pre rolls

You should always roll with a pack. Our Wolfpack contains 7 premium hemp flower joints which have been infused with CBD crystals. 

Each CBD pre-roll has been cultivated, ground, rolled and packaged in the USA. The journey starts with a seed. The hemp we use is cultivated indoors to enable us to have full control over the flower quality, using 100% pesticide free and organic farming methods. 

Once the flower has cured it is ground and packed into a rice paper wrapping by the hands of an expert. imply the best pre-roll the UK has to offer.

  • Packed, wrapped and finished by the hands of our hemp joint artists.
  • 8.4g total of Organic USA grown hemp & CBD diamonds
  • 1.2g Premium hemp paper cones
  • Lab Tested per batch for safety and quality. 
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Why a CBD joint?

Just because you enjoy cannabis, doesn’t mean that you always want to get high. There is so much complexity in cannabis that oftentimes, the cannabinoids are only part of the experience. From the flavours and effects of the naturally occurring terpenes to or the smoother smoke, or needing to get to work on time 👩🏽‍🚀. 

A hemp joint offers a full-flavour cannabis experience, without the psychoactive side effects of THC. We use pure CBD crystals to infuse the joint with a potent dose. It means that our CBD Wolfpack contains 0% THC, allowing it to be legal in the UK, and will not have a psychoactive effect. 

A CBD pre-rolled joint is as simple as: paper wrapping, coarsely ground hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.) and CBD crystals (for that bump in cannabinoid levels for the soul).

‘CBD Pre-Roll’ vs a Joint

What makes a CBD joint, a joint, is the hemp we use. While you can easily get a ‘CBD pre-roll’, which is a herbal blend with CBD crystals, it is particularly rare to find a real hemp joint. This is was separates us from the pack.

We use premium USA grown hemp in our Wolfpacks. It is grown using zero chemicals, and grown indoors so that our experts can control the quality of the product from seed to smoke. It is, by far, the most important aspect of what roll. it is why we roll the best.