Across the pond (where our mothership lives) in the USA 🇺🇸  the cannabis industry is lightyears beyond what we have here in the UK. Every aspect of the industry is streaking ahead; from research to genetics, and (important here) marketing.

UK Cali is the latest trend in UK cannabis consumption and now make up the dominant market for strains across the UK. Dealers are selling ‘rare’ and ‘exclusive’ Cali strains in seemingly authentic packaging, but this story may be too good to be true. We are real ‘Cali cannabis’ producers so would like to share a few things.

The issue: The book is being judged by its cover. If you buy UK ‘Cali Weed’ then you may be getting completely ripped off.


What is UK Cali?

The cannabis community in California is leading the world. They are producing the biggest strains backed up by the biggest names, and come with almost cult status. We ourselves at Lobo are a product of the enormous wave of creativity coming out of the west coast. It is where our roots are, and where we source a good chunk of our flower.

One of the main factors for the quality is research and development, but the cannabis from places such as Colorado is so much cleaner thanks to ‘outrageously strict testing regulations’. It is rigorously tested for moulds, mildew and cannabinoid content; all of which ensure the quality of the cannabis is top-draw.

‘UK Cali’ is a term used for cannabis that has been grown and cultivated in the USA, and sold in the UK. Usually, the saught after buds are packaged in professional heat sealed bags with a unique Cali design of bright colours and wavy fonts. There are some who argue that ‘UK Cali’ can be US cannabis genetics that has been grown in the UK using modern technology to produce a premium crop – but the packaging always remains the same.

An example is our Minis – which are not currently available in the UK – but is available in California.


Californian weed has long been considered as some of the best in the world and comes with a premium price tag. Dealers have caught onto this demand for a higher quality product.


What is Wrong with UK ‘Cali Weed’?

As the USA market explodes, the UK’s underground market is taking note of some of the marketing genius coming from the more mature marketplaces and they have revolutionised the way cannabis looks –  bringing it up to be ready for a legal UK market.

The road to cannabis legalisation has been a long one, but we are coming to the end of that journey. We all know it, and the underground community has been forced to adapt and change the perception of cannabis and cater to a new user base (who’d rather not buy from a stranger at a bus stop).

Dealers have realised that they can drape their product with the connotations of luxury, quality and premier cultivation, which Cali weed is famous for, simply by wrapping their buds in a Cali style bag, or using bulk packaging which can be purchased online freely (and cheaply). This way, some dealers can boost their profits by 30-200%.

The practice of buying bulk packaging is fairly widespread in the UK cannabis community and this is common with gummies, extracts and other cannabis products. While some of the cannabis grown here is as good as that from the sunshine state, many dealers are using this to falsely sell cannabis to their consumers – the motivation? Money.

This thread on Reddit is quite the read:

One user says: ‘Yep (UK) Cali is an overpriced marketing tactic, fancy bag and good weed, you have the weed without the fancy trimmings at the right price’”

We think this thread nicely displayed the wide spectrum of opinions on UK Cali. There are those who don’t seem to care and those who understand, like everything on the black market, you’re just as likely to be stung as you are to strike gold. Then there are those who are uneducated and do not know what they are buying. It is those people who are being overcharged for fancy packaging.

The answer to this is fairly obvious to us: legalise and regulate the cannabis industry.


Is UK Cali Weed Worth it?

Right now, the market is still so unstable and unregulated that anything you buy will be a lucky dip.

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