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The Famous: Tangie Strain

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This post is part of our strain profile pages – so you can read everything you need to know about the strain before enjoying it for yourself. Like a really nice bottle of wine. You’ve got to know the history, the grapes, the origin, the… Read More »The Famous: Tangie Strain

What is a Thai Stick?

The Thai Stick has seen a meteoric reemergence since the late 2010’s. Coincidently, since the beginning of cannabis legalisation in the USA, the growing number of producers has also become unfollowable. Simply because lots of people are asking, we thought we’d take the time to… Read More »What is a Thai Stick?

Is a Cannagar a Blunt?

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We tend to refer to smokable cannabis roll-ups in different ways: from joints, blunts, spliffs and smokes. They all basically mean the same thing. We are asked quite a lot whether a Cannagar is a blunt, and the simple answer to the question is yes.… Read More »Is a Cannagar a Blunt?