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We Are Lobo Hemp

Without being too smug, Lobo is a leading brand in high-end cannabis products globally. Lobo originally hails from the USA, but now we are the first cannabis/hemp cigar company to break into the UK. While the mothership remains in California & Arizona 🇺🇸, we are a local team from the UK who are championing Lobo’s ethos. 

Lobo is ‘Wolf 🐺 ‘ in Spanish. To us, this represents our origins and will to produce something we would be happy to share with our pack of friends. It is our ambition to stand alone and produce cannabis products that truly stand apart from the pack.  Our promise is to provide Californian quality Cannabis and dedicate our time to real care in production, while ensuring our blunts are affordable. 

Each detail of our blunts has been carefully curated to ensure that Lobo pushes the envelope; from our organically grown and cured cali-hemp, to hand rolling our cigars to ensure each product is perfect. 

Our founders became the change they wanted to see, and offer a range of luxury cannabis cigars and blunts that you can take to any gathering, and impress even the most cynical of eyes. We produce something special no matter your budget. 

Our Hemp

It comes as no surprise that the most important aspect of a fantastic blunt is the hemp itself. The hemp used in every single one of our products is grown in the USA (California) and cultivated by hand, using completely organic & chemical free methods.

We cultivate our hemp indoors to ensure that we have ultimate control of the quality. Our experts can adjust the lighting, climate and keep a close eye on potential contaminations from seed to flower.  

The result is a bud with higher cannabinoid concentration, more flavourful terpenes, and ultimately a much smoother smoke

USA Grown * Indoor Cultivation * Organic & Pesticide Free 

Our Products

The Lobo brand of cannagars provides the blunt you’ve always wished somebody would roll for you. We start with the finest coarsely ground hemp for flavour and a slow even burn, tightly wrapped with love and expert care.

Our focus is always to set ourselves apart from the rest. It is especially important to us to source the finest USA grown flower, wrappings and tipped by an experts hands and to offer an unrivalled smoke that you can share with friends, or enjoy on your own. 

Cannabis can be a fantastic alternative to tabacco. We feel hemp cigars offer a smoother smoke, more elegant, nuanced and delicate flavour, while offering therapeutic effects from naturally occurring cannabis phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Our cigars do not contain chemicals (like pesticides) nicotine or anything nasty. A 100% natural smoke. 

Whether you want to spoil yourself, show off at a celebration or share the canna-love then our range of Cannagars and blunts have been crafted for your hands. 

Viva la Mota