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Premium indoor hemp, hand-crafted into the finest blunts on Earth.

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The UK's First Hand Finished Cannagars

We are Lobo Hemp UK: the first high-end luxury cannabis company in the UK, offering hand-crafted hemp & CBD pre-rolls Cannagars and blunts from the USA.

We stand alone when it comes to the finest indoor grown hemp, hand wrappings and glass tips. Our pack (team) have spent years tailoring our products to utilise the very best cannabis genetics to ensure that your smoke is smooth, slow and flavourful. 

Our real hemp flower is very carefully cultivated organically and pesticide free in California; the best cannabis in the world. It is selected based on their strain effects and delicate nuanced terpene flavours.

Whatever occasion you’re planning, we have a Lobo product with you, and your friends, in mind. 

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The Best Indoor Grown Hemp

The star of the show needs to be the flower itself; our real USA grown indoor hemp is pesticide free and is cultivated to contain naturally occuring cannabinoids, and terpenes. It is all about the flavour.

Packed with Cannabinoids

Our Cannagars and blunts are not only packed with flavour, but infused with CBD Or CBG crystals. If you love cannabis but not always the high, then a CBD alternative is essential for your humidor.

Hand Rolled & Wrapped

With anything good, it is the love baked in that makes all the difference. We hand roll and finish all of our Cannagars in our facility in the USA.

Always Lab-tested

Whether it is a little bit of flower, or a whole lotta love, we want to make sure that our products are safe, and contain all of the essential cannabinoids we care about.

Get in Touch

We are a friendly bunch, so whether you have a question about our cannagars, or if you want to join our team of stockist, wholesalers or retailers then get in touch!

For the Love of Hemp